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March 2, 2011

On the topic of fresh clothing.

J. Crew has release a video of the Creative Director and President of the company visiting one of the oldest fabric manufacturing companies in Italy. They give us a small behind-the-scenes look into the factories of high-quality shirting manufacturers like Thomas Mason, which has been around since 1876, and the prestigious Crespi factory, established in 1797.



Mr. Porter

March 2, 2011

If you don’t know what Net-A-Porter is, I can’t say I blame you. It is an online mecca for designer apparel, which is strictly girls-only—until now.

Mr. Porter, the dude-friendly, ecommerce site, featuring just about every luxe designer you can think of …and then some.
Plus, aside from dope denim sneakers by Lanvin and a ridiculously awesome reversible coat from Rag & Bone, the site also features a “Wardrobe Manager” (to keep you organized) and a “Style Directory” (to keep your outfits from looking drab).
I am very excited about Mr. Porter and suggest everyone else, especially the fellas, get on this!

Thank me later ladies.


February 24, 2011

This Past weekend was WEKFEST!

And this year it was 3-4 times as crazy!

The new venue at Fort Mason Center, was a really good idea! The views of the golden gate and the more outdoor feel was nice. Having the show inside of the hanger/ docks still kept that underground and japan town feel. Also having the show partly outside was nice, it gave people a chance to get some fresh air and enjoy the great weather, even though it was a little chilly out haha. Having part of the show outdoors gave it that parking lot pimpin type feel haha. Also for photographers it was perfect! the lighting hit just right at almost every angle both indoors and out, although I forgot my camera -___-. This is the first year I did not show at WekFest and as a spectator I still enjoyed it as if I was showing.

The show over all was good, but there were also some major flaws. The most important flaw was the line. Just like last year, and the year before that, WekSos did not fix the long wait! For me, luckily, I know a good amount of people who participate and are involved with the show. So I did have to wait or pay. unfortunately for those that haven’t shown at WekFest, or know anyone affiliated with the show, had to wait in a line that was close to 3-4 blocks long! At the end of the line, the wait was 5 hours! honestly that is just ridiculous! but that gives you an idea of how big this show is! Another flaw of the show was partly the venue. The reason why WekSos changed the venue from Japan town underground parking lot was to hold more cars. Meaning a bigger show. Although they had 2 hangers/ docks it was pretty obvious that there were not as many cars as last year -_____-.

Over all, like I said, it was a GOOD show. I look forward to next years show, and hopefully I can participate again 😀

Photos courtesy of Slam Society.

My crew… SF Krew… at the front of the venue of course 😉

Anh Vuu’s Evo X was shot by my buddy Ken!


Kenny the owner of Platinum VIP sec. gen. GS… LS3 on cup system? BOSS!

My friends at IMPRM came up with a nice design for this years shirts! (top corner was their booth)


Tragic Kicks… back when I was a super Sneaker head this guy was Customer sneaker GOD! and still is!

Poor Domo hahah

IMPRM x WekSos video

Shots courtesy of my boy James founder of  VIP’D OUT

My boy Ricks NSX! one of the most humble person i’ve met! dude sold his Porsche gt2 for this!

Dr Phuong

SF Krew, project Razor

James has been on the VIP tip before it became the hot shit to do… one of my favorite VIP GS’s

These are chicks that have modeled for/ with my car in past shows


February 16, 2011

Valentines Day.

I don’t understand why people are such haters on Valentines day. Single people, act as if, it is the most depressing thing to be without a valentine. They make it seem as if they are not physically or mentally attractive. Some people say it’s a corporate holiday, created just to suck money out of our pockets. I can’t say much about the corporate side but for those that are single… stop being negative. If you are single, you are single, its simple as that. Love is a very beautiful thing, and when its time. You’ll love it (haha).

This year I am single. I honestly do envy some of those lucky few that gets to experience love, but like i said when the time is right. It’ll happen. Hopefully those that are in a relationship, enjoyed their Valentines day.

Hidden Hearts of San Francisco. San Francisco General Hospital Foundation.

Find the Heart to Donate.

Heart shaped bagels I made for the store… gotta spread the love!

Bathing Ape

February 9, 2011

One of the SADDEST day in Lifestyle/ Street Wear History happen a couple of days ago. I did not want to report/ write about one of my BIGGEST INFLUENCES in this Unfortunate circumstance.

Bathing Ape aka BAPE has officially been sold to a Hong Kong based clothing company known as I.T LTD.

Tomoaki Nagao. Known as Nigo, the creator and owner of Bathing Ape, is one of my BIGGEST influences. Nigo established his brand Bathing Ape in 1993. For the past 2 DECADES, Nigo has not only influenced ALL Lifestyle/ Street Wear brands but has PIONEER the Street Wear Movement. He has not only created a clothing brand, but also open up Bape Cuts, his own chain of salons, Bape Cafe’s, and even Bape Music. He has done what I want, and some day WILL, do. He has humbly create a brand that allows him to be involved in ALL the markets that interest him. He has created a “LIFESTYLE”. Now-a-days Street wear brands are starting to push their own “Lifestyle”, Nigo is the only one to really push the envelope on “Lifestyle”. It is unfortunate that I have to write about one of my idols during the down fall of his empire…

Bathing Ape, creatively will still be ran by Nigo, but the ownership of the brand is now under the wing of I.T LTD. Bathing Ape was punched  in a 90.27% stake, meaning that I.T LTD also took care of Nigos depth and buying out the brand for $21,850,000 HKD (approx. $2,800,000 USD). It is unfortunate that the brand was purchased for so cheap, but due to Nigos lack of Business sense he has created a ton of depth. I can RESPECT Nigo for selling the brand instead of shutting down the brand all together and file for bankruptcy.

I will continue to Support Bathing Ape and I hope you guys will too.


February 8, 2011

Guess who won $240.00 bucks?

Year of the Rabbit

February 4, 2011

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year!

I really wish I could give you guys a full history report on Chinese New Year but unfortunately I can’t. I honestly don’t know the whole history, or traditions. But! Chinese New Year is bigger then our regular New Years. I’ll keep it short and talk about just a couple of the traditions that I do know. One is the burning of incense, paper(play) money, paper clothing, and the ‘offering’ of food to the afterlife. This is pretty basic. Its to honor the people living the afterlife. From what I know, if your family has someone who has pasted alway, it was a way to remind them that they are remembered. It is also a way to give them, like a gift, food, clothing, and money. Another tradition, one that took me a while to understand, is being Happy on the day of Chinese New Year. My mom always told me, not to argue with my brother and sister. She always told me not to get into fights with other people. Shes always told me not to be sad or upset. Shes always told me that if I was not in a happy mood on Chinese New Year day that I’d receive bad luck the rest of the year. As I got older I some what questioned this rule/ tradition. Does that mean I have to FAKE that I’m happy? No. After really thinking about it, it doesn’t mean you have to fake that your happy. It ment that you SHOULDNT allow LITTLE things upset you. I ment that starting off on the right foot will domino to more good things throughout the year. That concepts also works in everyday life. If you wake up in a bad mood, that bad vibe dominos throughout the day. It’s really thought me to  accept certain things and allow things to naturally happen. If something doesn’t go in your favor then it wasn’t ment to go in your favor. The Last tradition I wanted to talk about, is one that everyone knows about. The giving out of the Lai See, or the Red Envelopes. Unfortunately EVERYONE has the wrong idea behind the giving of the Lai See. For those that don’t know, the Lai See is a red envelope that usually grown ups, that are married, give to children or relatives that are unmarried. The envelopes usually has some type of money inside. The unfortunate part about it is that kids now a days only look forward to the envelopes. Even people who are not Asian try to get envelopes from Asians that celebrate Chinese New Year. It’s sad because the point of the money isn’t the actual money. It’s a way for the “grown ups” pass on luck, a way to congratulate for a wonderful year. It’s also a way to wish and hope for a prosperous year. Which is why we all say “GUNG HAY FAT CHOY!” & “CHUC MUNG NAM MO!” for the Vietnamese.

To sum it up in short… It’s all about being respectful, positive, and looking forward to another year.

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Best wished & congratulations. Have a prosperous & good year!

I’ll add more photos once I edit them