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April 9, 2011

In my last post, I stated that I was going to start updating my blog more often. Which I DID NOT do. Reasoning being….

1. At the gym, I actually tore a muscle and I did not get it checked out until a week later! yes I know that unsafe and very stupid, but I thought it was minor and I could beast it through. uncertainly I was wrong, and when i did get it checked out, they gave me pain medication and also STRICT directions to stay in bed! how LAME!

2. In the middle of my “rest” time the Los Angeles Lakers were coming up to play the Golden State Warriors. My tickets were : Section 101… Row 1… Seats 9 and 10! Yes, that means I was pretty much on the floor, and EXACTLY in the middle of the court! There was no way I was going to stay in bed and “rest” when I have seats like that! also LAKESHOW is my team! Even though they lost, I had a date, so that made watching them lose worth it 😉

3. Also I JUST had LASIK eye surgery done! This is the day AFTER and I’m spouse to rest my eyes…. but no… BEAST! haha I have a post surgery check today. If the doc says I need more rest, I have pills that’ll knock me out… if not I’ll be in the beautiful city of San Francisco, at the Japan Town cherry blossom festival. If I cant make it today I’ll for sure catch it tomorrow! Gotta get back on this picture-taking shit!

Until next time!

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