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Huf San Francisco legacy

March 9, 2011

HUF is a San Francisco based store for exclusive sneakers and streetwear. For the past 10 years HUF has built a strong following and image. Being one of the few stores in the bay area for truly exclusive sneakers and some of the rarest and dopiest streetwear brands. With that strong backbone for exclusivity, they’ve managed to create their own in-house brand. Releasing some of the simplest, yet clean and dope pieces and collaborations, that anyone in streetwear have seen. In the past HUF has release exclusive pieces and collaborations, that has had people wait DAYS apond WEEKS, just to purchase. With the sucess of their small in-house brand, they naturally decided to expand. Officially making HUFSF an actual brand, and opening an official retail store in Los Angeles. As HUF focused on the brand, their image also changed. Unfortunately the new “Dirt Bag Crew” image change begun the decline of the HUF retail stores. It begun a couple of years ago that, the 4 HUF stores in San Francisco were beginning to close down. It is unfortunate to hear that the last retail store in San Francisco has officially been sold. They’ve decided to close the San Francisco retail stores in order to focus morely on the HUFSF brand.

I could remember when HUF was still new to San Francisco back in 2004(they officially opened in 2002). I remember my parents would always drive by the Sutter location, whenever we left Union Square in downtown San Francisco. The store was simple and clean. The display was what caught my eye. HUF would always display the “new” sneaker releases before they actual release date. And when I was really into the sneaker scene, HUF was my spot to break necks where ever I went. I remember when they first popped up with their own in-house brand fitteds and tees. The Fitteds were what made HUF. The simple “H” on the front, with the illest colorways that you wouldn’t see on regular NewEra fitteds. I still own a good handful of those original colorways, that go for 150+ dollars now. Also HUF had this image that people could not draw alway from. The HUF staff, created this image and lifestyle they called “HUF SET”(similar to DIPSET). They were a group of young guys, that rock streetwear brands with a certain confidence, lively, fun swag. Although HUFs new “Dirt Bag Crew” image isn’t as lively or loud as their old “HUF SET” image, I am glad to hear that the closer of the retail spots isn’t due to the recession. I’ll continue to support their brand and hope to see better and bigger things from them.

HUF Quakes, one of HUFs biggest releases… find me!

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