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July 7, 2010

So for those that know…. I used to work for an up and coming clothing brand/ boutique name “Invisible Stripes

Invisible Stripes open doors and establish them self in late 2006/ early 2007(I can’t remember the exact date because its been a little while)

Both owners had a vision of offering the fashion industry an San Francisco based street wear or urban wear brand. Doing designs what were both youthful and unique. When I came onto the team, Invisible Stripes has been open for about 6 months and both owners were new to having employees and were both still getting their feet wet in the game. I stayed on for about a year before, I decided it was time to move on, not only to start doing my own thing but also the situation wasn’t going very well.( I won’t go into detail because I am not here to bag on them) Also that style grew out of me before I came onto the team.

About a year and a half later, things changed between the 2 owners and one of the partners left. The one that decided to keep trying with the clothing brand shifted directions and did things that are more to what i would like to do myself. Mature, simple, fresh, cut and sew pieces. The owner decided to change the locations and change the name of the store from “Invisible Stripes” to “INVS” which still stands for the same thing but is now more mature and simple. He also decided to make INVS the Store name and name the brand Mr.(mister)

If you like my style, check out INVS & Mr.

Back in the day reppin HARDDDDDD

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