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April 9, 2011

In my last post, I stated that I was going to start updating my blog more often. Which I DID NOT do. Reasoning being….

1. At the gym, I actually tore a muscle and I did not get it checked out until a week later! yes I know that unsafe and very stupid, but I thought it was minor and I could beast it through. uncertainly I was wrong, and when i did get it checked out, they gave me pain medication and also STRICT directions to stay in bed! how LAME!

2. In the middle of my “rest” time the Los Angeles Lakers were coming up to play the Golden State Warriors. My tickets were : Section 101… Row 1… Seats 9 and 10! Yes, that means I was pretty much on the floor, and EXACTLY in the middle of the court! There was no way I was going to stay in bed and “rest” when I have seats like that! also LAKESHOW is my team! Even though they lost, I had a date, so that made watching them lose worth it ūüėČ

3. Also I JUST had LASIK eye¬†surgery¬†done! This is the day AFTER and I’m spouse to rest my eyes…. but no… BEAST! haha I have a post surgery check today. If the doc says I need more rest, I have pills that’ll knock me out… if not I’ll be in the beautiful city of San Francisco, at the Japan Town cherry blossom festival. If I cant make it today I’ll for sure catch it tomorrow! Gotta get back on this picture-taking shit!

Until next time!



April 8, 2011

So BMW has finally release what the next¬†generation¬†BMW M5 will look like. I’ll have to say, when the new f-10 aka the new 5 series came out, I was not a fan at all… now that it has been out for a little while now, its defiantly grown on me. Now with the final look of the next f-10 M5 has been confirmed and released, I’m a bigger fan! will I buy? probably not, but I look forward to drooling over them, when they finally hit the streets!


Real Up-date

March 19, 2011

Ok so its been a little while since I did a REAL update or posted any of my own photos.

Well, School is school right? can’t say much other than recently I recently had 2 midterms, which as of what I know, I did just fine. And I’ll leave it at that… haha

Gym. This past month my¬†buddies¬†at O21FIT, ran PALEO diet/¬†gym¬†challenge. I decided, although I am not one of their clients, to join in. I’ve done PALEO style¬†eating¬†before, so i figure it’d be a good way for me to get back into it. And then just go hard in the gym. I’ll continue on with this gym update later, because we are coming to the end of the¬†challenge…

I also decided, because ive been neglecting both my camera and this blog, that I’ll start doing more self portraits and update the blog with at least 1 photo¬†everyday(or at least every week) good idea?

Thanks for being patience with me.

Recent photos:


March 14, 2011

In the past handful of years, there has been terrible things happening around the world.

Recently Japan has been part of these random and horrible disasters. A 8.9 earthquake hit Japan, with an aftermath tsunami that covered the northeast of Japan.

Prayers. Blessed.

Huf San Francisco legacy

March 9, 2011

HUF is a San Francisco based store for exclusive sneakers and streetwear. For the past 10 years HUF has built a strong following and image. Being one of the few stores in the bay area for¬†truly¬†exclusive sneakers and some of the¬†rarest¬†and¬†dopiest¬†streetwear brands. With that¬†strong¬†backbone for exclusivity, they’ve managed to create their own in-house brand.¬†Releasing¬†some of the simplest, yet clean and dope pieces and¬†collaborations, that anyone in streetwear have seen. In the past HUF has release exclusive pieces and¬†collaborations, that has had people wait DAYS apond¬†WEEKS, just to purchase. With the sucess of their small in-house brand, they naturally decided to expand.¬†Officially¬†making HUFSF an actual brand, and opening an¬†official¬†retail store in Los Angeles. As HUF focused on the brand, their image also changed.¬†Unfortunately¬†the new “Dirt Bag Crew” image change begun the decline of the HUF retail stores. It begun a couple of years ago that, the 4 HUF stores in San Francisco were¬†beginning¬†to close down. It is¬†unfortunate¬†to hear that the last retail store in San Francisco has¬†officially¬†been sold. They’ve decided to close the San Francisco retail stores in order to¬†focus¬†morely on the HUFSF brand.

I could remember when HUF was still new to San Francisco back in 2004(they¬†officially¬†opened in 2002). I remember my parents would always drive by the¬†Sutter¬†location, whenever we left Union Square in downtown San Francisco. The store was simple and clean. The¬†display¬†was what caught my eye. HUF would always display the “new” sneaker releases before they actual release date. And when I was really into the sneaker scene, HUF was my spot to break necks where ever I went. I remember when they first popped up with their own in-house brand¬†fitteds¬†and tees. The¬†Fitteds¬†were what made HUF. The simple “H” on the front, with the illest colorways that you¬†wouldn’t¬†see on regular NewEra fitteds. I still own a good handful of those¬†original¬†colorways, that go for 150+ dollars now. Also HUF had this image that people could not draw alway from. The HUF staff, created this image and lifestyle they called “HUF SET”(similar¬†to DIPSET). They were a group of young guys, that rock streetwear brands with a certain confidence, lively, fun swag. Although HUFs new “Dirt Bag Crew” image isn’t as lively or loud as their old “HUF SET” image,¬†I am glad to hear that the closer of the retail spots isn’t due to the recession.¬†I’ll¬†continue to support their brand and hope to see better and bigger things from them.

HUF Quakes, one of HUFs biggest releases… find me!

V Magazine

March 8, 2011

Fashion publication, V Magazine, just release their 70th issue. The issue features a nice editorial of the wonderful Gisele Bundchen.

Cant be mad.


Issue 70 has Britney Spears on the cover… look for it on newstands!

The end of INVS

March 2, 2011

It was 4 years ago, when I came onto the Invisible stripes team. I came on hopping to gain more knowledge and a step into the fashion/ street wear industry. It has been a great learning experience and I am proud to be part of the history. It is unfortaint that INVS the store has to close down. The end of INVS is the beginning of Mr. The Mr. brand will continue to grow, and with the closure of INVS the store will bring more opportunity and development.

Click the link to look at my past post about INVS & Mr.

I was giving the¬†opportunity¬†to take over the INVS store and the on- line store, but I¬†couldn’t¬†do it. It is a Store that MY friend built and I felt it should be something he finishes. Please continue to support the Mr. Brand, and keep an eye out for what is to come from them.